Sunday, November 25, 2007

I want one: Honda FCX

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! In my post-dinner TV stupor last week, I saw something very odd...

Apparently, this thing is coming in 2008....but I'll believe it when I see it. Here's another clip of this exciting ride.

Want more? Here's the official Honda web page.And here is the rest of it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

NBC's Green TV Week: An Admirable Effort

Any "30 Rock" fans out there? How about "The Office"?

During primetime programming every night last week (11/5-11/9), NBC "went Green," with conservation tips and advertisements, environmental themes in every show, and even green logos and branding (the famed NBC peacock turned green for the occasion). This meant something different depending on the specific program: "30 Rock" went all out, bashing NBC for its stance on environmental issues, and casting David Schwimmer as a deranged environmental mascot and Al Gore as himself. Shows like "The Office" and "ER," however, took the challenge much less seriously, and thus ended up with a much weaker environmental focus (although "ER" should be commended for its impressively smooth spiel on electricity efficiency during rolling brownouts). Other highlights included recycled dresses on "Deal or No Deal" and the janitor's newfound environmental zeal on "Scrubs."

So was it effective? Mostly. "30 Rock" did a really great job, possibly because its writers (including SNL's Tina Fey) have the most experience with writing for a cause; any show that includes the quip "'What do you have in that styrofoam cup? Is it the Earth's blood?'" deserves high praise. But even though some shows fell flat in the face of this challenge, the idea was admirable. By reminding audiences of environmental issues through onscreen power-saving tips, ads for environmental websites, and realistic environment-related plotlines during their favorite shows, NBC is starting to do its part for the cause. Whether that's enough is a very different matter. But NBC does deserve credit for taking a risk, and for taking about something that has become rather taboo on network TV.

November's Green Thing: Turn the Lights Off

This month's Green Thing is a little more fun than just walking somewhere. During the month of November, Green Thing is encouraging members to "turn their lights off early and have some fun in the dark." Sounds rather open-ended (and rather suggestive), right? Great idea though; I can see a lot of ways people can interpret this one. For example, you could....count sheep.

OR, you could take some time alone with your dark thoughts.

So instead of reading or watching TV tonight, why not save money and resources and have some fun in the dark? ;) And here is the rest of it.

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